If you love gardening, I give you the WAIST HIGH GARDEN!  Not just a planter, but enough soil for a thriving garden.  Room for seven full inches of soil on top of two inches of stone for the best drainage available for deep-rooting plants.  Give your back and knees a rest!  No back pain, no stooping to reach the ground, no kneeling required.  Garden while you’re standing! Perfect for roses, herbs, patio tomatoes, bush beans, strawberries, and the list goes on.  Wheelchair accessible for those who are handicapped but love gardening. Starting at just $390 for a 3’ x 8’ frame, I offer six models to choose from, the largest being 5’ x 12’.  You provide whatever type of soil you wish to use for planting. Prices as follows: 3’ x 8’      $390.00                    5’ x 8’ $500.00 3’ x 10’    $457.00                    5’ x 10’ $555.00 3’ x 12’    $537.00                    5’ x 12’ $610.00 Options Include: Underneath shelf (for 3’ models) $52.00 Underneath shelf (for 5’ models) $62.00 Top Trim (for 3’ models) $32.00 Top Trim (for 5’ models) $37.00 Tool Cradle $37.00 Delivery charges apply outside of 50 miles round trip. Put on your most comfortable shoes, You’ll be gardening standing up for years! Design by EWB Online Dale says, “Do it right or don’t do it!” Can customize height for wheelchair accessibility at no extra charge! Contact me at mike@outdoorwoodrepair.com  or 443-888-9050 Visit our Photo Gallery!!!